Aqua and Uni Go To Camp

by Lily-Isabella Logan

Children's Fantasy Book

Aqua and Uni Go To Camp is a story about friendship that takes place in a magical summer camp. We meet Aqua, a half-human, half-mermaid orphan, and Uni, a half-human, half-unicorn princess. We follow Aqua and Uni as they attend Camp Fairy-Tale, meet the children of other fairy-tale characters, have new adventures, and solve the mystery behind a camp curse that threatens to uproot everyone's summer fun.

Lily-Isabella Logan had the idea for AQUA AND UNI since she was in Grade 3 as a game she used to play with a friend. Over the years, Bella worked on the story with her stepmother to transform what started as a homemade paperback into the imaginative friendship fantasy story it is today. Lily-Isabella lives in Toronto, Canada with her family, a feisty cat and an adorably rambunctious dog.

Aqua and Uni Go To Camp was published by Dancing Unicorn in May 2023, and is available in the following formats:-

Paperback US Kindle US

Paperback UK Kindle UK

Paperback CA Kindle CA

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