by Bryony Storm Dudley

Children's Fantasy Book

A cottage in the woods. Rumours of a witch. And two curious teenage girls, eager to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Vesta-Ora and her adopted sister Eve live at 2b Bubblewood House. They live a typical family life, doing everything that girls of their age do. But the stories about the cottage and its occupant will never go away.

When the time came for the two girls, Vesta and Eve to do a school project which involved doing a detailed analysis on a building of their choice, they decided to do it on the cottage as an excuse to learn the truth and meet the witch. But what they thought was the end of a lifetime of ifs and buts, actually led to a whole new world of possibilities.

Behind the door of the cottage lies a whole other world. But as the girls dig deeper, dark secrets from the past rise up to challenge what had begun to seem a delightful new adventure.

The second edition of Bubblewood was published by Dancing Unicorn in November 2022, and is available in the following formats:-

Paperback Kindle ePub