Mark Carter

Author of Uncle Rollo's Railway

Children's Book

Mark Carter was a Territorial Army soldier who served A Battery 11th Regiment Honourable Artillery Company (Royal Horse Artillery), which he joined in April 1939. In January 1941 his Regiment was sent to North Africa, travelling on the troopship Cameronia. He fought with Eighth Army in the North African campaign and then with the Italian campaign about which he wrote in his book The Sky is Burning. Mark married in Nairobi in 1950 and worked on newspapers in Africa, followed by the London dailies. He was happily married for 70 years, and in his latter years, he lived in Surrey with his daughter. Mark carter sadly passed away at Christmas 2023, aged 102.

His most recent book, titled Anti-Tank: The Story of A Desert Gunner in The Second World War provides a vivid insight into the struggles of British soldiers of the Royal Artillery fighting the Desert war in 1941-2.

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