The Hidden Valley

by Christine Hillingdon

Children's Fantasy Adventure Story

This tale begins with a very old book about an enchanted Hidden Valley. CARA and DORIAN discover a way into it. They realise they are needed to help all who live there by taking a magic potion to their ailing Prince RANA. Journeying to his castle the two children encounter many wonderful characters, while exploring the magnificent valley itself.

However, there are some inhabitants within the Valley who would rather have the magic potion for their own darker means, but the two children are determined to save the Prince. With the help of some of those characters they meet along the way they strive to reach the castle in time.

The cover and internal illustrations are by Steven Phillips

The Hidden Valley was published by Dancing Unicorn in August 2023, and is available in the following formats:-

Paperback Kindle

Dark Watchers

The Author

Richard Stevenson

Dancing Unicorn has author pages for all their authors (where they want one), and you can visit that for Richard by clicking the link below:-
Richard Stevenson